Jan 24 2006

Democrat Party Going Bankrupt

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I started predicting how badly it was going to be for the Democrats in the fund raising race last summer. Here was my initial prediction from June 2005:


RNC raising $106M, $65.2M in the bank

DNC raising $45.2M, $16.4M in the bank

Here are the results reported this week:

RNC raised $101.5M, $34M in the bank

DNC raising $51M, $7M in the bank

I got the $7M figure from this article at CBS News. I would say I just about nailed the Dean effect on the Democrat Party. And what did CBS propose the Democrats do about this?

The Republican soundbite hasn’t changed since September, 2001; the Democrats have a new mantra with every news cycle. The Republicans have more dollars than the Democrats. Those are facts. My advice to Democrats is simple: face the facts.

The Dems will not listen – they are afflicted with BDS.

Based on these numbers and extrapolating out to September I predict:

RNC raising $80M, $20M in the bank

DNC raising $40M, $7M in the bank

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2 Responses to “Democrat Party Going Bankrupt”

  1. Dick Meyer hits a home run.

    k Meyer, editorial director of CBSNews.com, says the Democrats have two serious facts facing them in 2006 and have so far failed to face either one.

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