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Jan 02 2006

Risen Factually Challenged

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Looks like we are going to treated to lots of James Risen with his new stab at America book coming out. Barnes and Noble has this to say about Risen’s book: New Book by New York Times Reporter James Risen Reveals Covert Operations by the Bush Administration and the CIA Translation: James Risen tips terrorists […]

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Jan 02 2006

Blanco’s Buffoonery

Just go read the whole sad story at Rhymes with Right. I guess Governor Blanco needed to soother her frayed nerves, and decided to do some redecorating to take her mind off her problems.

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Jan 02 2006

RINO Sightings!

The Raging RINO’s have been sighted at Louisianna Libertarian, and they have a lot to say – since they have been quiet while trying to behave over the holidays! Check them out.

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Jan 02 2006

We Don’t Need Congressional Meddling

Seems some attention hungry Senators want to strut and pontificate in front of the country: The chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, has said he intends to hold hearings into whether the program is legal. … Sen. Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, said […]

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