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Jan 07 2006

It Is Not FISA vs. NSA

Misinformation and diversion are a science. I have seen people present one subject, then discuss a completely different one, and then go back to the other subject. In this case the audience of the briefing naturally concluded there was a connection between the two – but none had been made. The guy was presenting the […]

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Jan 07 2006

Sgt Seavey Skins Moran and Murtha

Someone get Sgt Seavey a medal, for speaking to power. Seavey took on blow hard Rep Moran, and the grand quitter Rep Murtha here in Northern, VA this week. While these two partisan opportunists where slamming our great military and all their accomplishments, Seavey stood up and nailed both of them – and our embarrassment […]

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Jan 07 2006

Unleash The Blogosphere!

Welcome Wonkette Readers! you may want to check out this post as well, since it discusses how America helped Iran get their nuclear bomb design. We are beginning to see, through the dogged efforts of Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard, that connections between Saddam and Terrorists, and yes Al Qaeda, were deep and extensive. […]

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