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Jan 03 2008

Romney’s and Hillary’s Future – into History

I think Obama is going to take the Democratic nomination now. His performance in Iowa is going to only be emphasized in NH. He has a following that cannot be ignored – his numbers are too strong not to rally the left. All three candidates on the left are slight shades of blue. It is […]

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Jan 03 2008

Clinton Not Selling To Far Left In Iowa

In Iowa dems seem to be saying ‘change’ is winning out over ‘experience’ (which is a joke when you have one candidate with less than one term as Senator, one with one term, and one a year into a second term). But the fact is Clinton is getting toasted by both Edwards and Obama combined. […]

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Jan 03 2008

The Great GOP Divide Opens In Iowa And New Hampshire

What an interesting night to see the flaming purity wars in action in the GOP. Recall that the Iowa Caucuses are the party stalwarts, so you are not seeing what governing coalition would represent, you are seeing the battle inside the GOP. Assuming the numbers hold up through the night we have Huckabee with 31%, […]

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Jan 03 2008

We Must Seize Momentum (Not the Defeat) In Iraq

There are a lot of presidential candidates out there today more than willing to stop pounding al-Qaeda, to stop chasing them down, and simply pretend we have won by holding parades down Main Street USA. It is a sick, pathetic and spineless plan for American defeat. It is more active on the far left, but […]

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Jan 03 2008

Iraq’s Tet Offensive Was In 2004?

It seems the SurrenderMedia are partially responsible for the extending the bloodshed in Iraq by misusing information out of Iraq (anyone surprised?) to turn the political forces that were against al-Qaeda terrorists and to turn them against American efforts to stop the bloodshed: A secret intelligence assessment of the first battle of Fallujah shows that […]

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