Jan 03 2008

Romney’s and Hillary’s Future – into History

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I think Obama is going to take the Democratic nomination now. His performance in Iowa is going to only be emphasized in NH. He has a following that cannot be ignored – his numbers are too strong not to rally the left. All three candidates on the left are slight shades of blue. It is all where the momentum goes. The only hope Edwards or Hillary have is if there is movement one way or the other to fight Obama, but my guess is voters jumping ship will go to Obama instead of either of them. The only chance is Edwards putting up a fight as the most anti-war candidate (which is Obama’s Achille’s Heal).

On the GOP side it will be a different path to the nomination. I think Romney is sinking and his voters could go to either McCain, or more likely Giuliani (but I have no clue, honestly). I think we will see Romney supporters drifting away starting in NH.

What is setting up for the GOP is a split, not a drive to unity.

Sadly this gives hope to dems who will coalesce while the GOP fractures. In addition, the Dems have the energy, the crowds and large numbers of independents.

Bin Laden is popping champaign in his cave tonight.

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7 Responses to “Romney’s and Hillary’s Future – into History”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Is it true that Iowa saw a poor turnout for the Republicans this time around?

  2. the struggler says:

    I read a comment on another blog that said with Huckabee,inthe general election,we’ll have a choice between left and lefter.I believe it.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I honestly don’t believe Iowa means anything really.

  4. Terrye says:

    Do not over estimate one night. And I doubt if Osama really wants a former Baptist minister to be President of the United States.

  5. Terrye says:

    I think they won because people are tired of the usual stuff. They won because Obama talks about unity and because Huckabee talks about a more positive future. Apparently they are saying something people want to hear.

  6. ordi says:

    I think the IA turn out was approx the same for R’s however the D’s turn out went way UP (Over 100000 than from 00 and 04

  7. cali_sun says:

    you are correct in your analysis; Obama is on his way to be the democratic nominee.
    Hillary will attempt to slime him, and will overreach. There is nothing worse than for her to smear him, and lose the complete african american support because of it.