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Jan 12 2008

Newsweek Declares Iraq A Lost Cause For Surrendercrats

It seems that not only has al-Qaeda’s efforts to takeover Iraq failed (see post below), but now even the liberal rag Newsweek is declaring Iraq a lost cause to the Democrats (a.k.a. Surrendercrats): But as Bush rallied U.S. troops at the base here on Saturday with a “Hoo-ah” and conferred with his Iraq dream team, […]

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Jan 12 2008

Iraq Announces The Defeat Of al-Qaeda Is At Hand, Time To Celebrate

When the Iraqis themselves decided al-Qaeda was not the future of Islam but the enemy of Islam, the tide turned forever in Iraq. Known generally as The Awakening, since this is the name the groups who have turned on al-Qaeda have decided to rally under, this pivotal moment in the War in Iraq and the […]

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