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Jan 09 2008

al-Qaeda More Spectacular, But Less Effective

al-Qaeda is clearly losing in Iraq. Their promised increase in death and destruction is just not panning out. Yes, they can kill a lot of people on occasion. But even while their attacks are becoming more spectacular they are also becoming fewer, farther between and more and more in isolated areas not city centers: A […]

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Jan 09 2008

Rudy And Romney Make Some Moves

Interesting moves today. Romney is pulling ads out of SC and FL in a clear sign his campaign is reeling: Mitt Romney hasn’t extended his television presence into next week in South Carolina and Florida, an aide confirms. Romney has been on TV for months in both states, owning the airwaves long before his GOP […]

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Jan 09 2008

Dem Turnout Continues To Crush GOP

When we were done with Iowa I noted a very disturbing trend from 2000/2004 to 2008. The trend was enormous gains in Democrat voter numbers while the GOP stayed flat. Here are the numbers I computed after Iowa: The dems increased turn out by a whopping 89% in 4 years, while the GOP increased theirs […]

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Jan 09 2008

GOP Losing Independents – Do Insults Help?

While the “RINO” McCain won New Hampshire with a burst of conservative independents (like myself), the overall numbers of which way the non-aligned middle of America will trend shows the same thing as Iowa – GOP Losing big time. I can’t find numbers yet but Harold Huchison seems to have found some and they aren’t […]

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Jan 09 2008

Rudy’s New Ad

I mentioned below Rudy was on the air finally with his new ad. It played during the Fox News coverage of the New Hampshire primary. It’s pretty darn good, take a look: And reader Sally Vee notes Rudy also has a piece up on the WSJ today. Right no cue Rudy comes out ‘after’ the […]

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