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Jan 26 2008

Live Blogging SC Democrat Primary – Obama Wins! Is Hill 3rd?

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9:33 PM Eastern: OK, Hillary got romped! With 98% if the vote in Obama got 55% and and Hillary only got 27%. I would say Hillary is in deep, deep trouble.

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Jan 26 2008

FL Governor Crist To Endorse McCain!

OK, looks like McCain is going to be the GOP nominee. Fox is reporting FL Governor Crist has coming out to endorse McCain. Combine that with Sen Martinez I think that will pretty much seal up FL and the nomination for McCain. As I did in 2006, I underestimated the blow back against the GOP […]

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Jan 26 2008

Clinton Not Too Confident In SC Win – Must Be Something In The Exit Polls

I would guess exit polls are telling a bad story for Clinton in SC since her campaign has released a memo this evening that says forget SC, look to FL. Regardless of today’s outcome, the race quickly shifts to Florida, where hundreds of thousands of Democrats will turn out to vote on Tuesday. Despite efforts […]

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Jan 26 2008

More Depressing Turnout Numbers For GOP In SC

I keep saying the GOP and its supporters cannot be Pollyannish about who can win in 2008. It is clear from just about every primary the Dems are motivated and the GOP is flat. SC is just underscoring that fact today: In 2004, about 290,000 people voted in the Democratic presidential primary. Party officials are […]

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Jan 26 2008

Even Pollsters Have Their Doubts

The polls are very fickled this year. It’s as if the public is saying ‘catch us if you can, but we are going to make some changes’. I predicted a while back Obama would win SC due to the Clinton’s screw up in playing the race card (why take a fake first black president when […]

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Jan 26 2008

More On The Romney Mystery Whisper – And A Second Whisper!

I have been having fun with the Romney Mystery Whisper in the post below, but as this story has unfolded I think it is more and more implausible. OK, there is no way the tie-mic picked up an earpiece (and yes, they come that small) but clearly what did happen was someone in the control […]

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