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Jan 04 2008

Record Turnout In Iowa, But Dems Slaughtered The GOP In Shear Numbers

Addendum Below It seems I may have been right about the mood of the country – it wants change in DC. And I still think it wants to reject the hyper-partisans on both sides and is heading towards the middle of the political spectrum. Obama has a really slick centrist pitch. I don’t believe half […]

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Jan 04 2008

Iraq Makes Huge Strides

I see a race to November and January brewing up. Can we defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq before January 2009? It looks more and more like “yes”. The big news is the praise a top Shiite leader is heaping on the Sunni Awakening movement – an olive branch if I have ever seen one: The leader […]

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Jan 04 2008

Giuliani’s Opening

I noted below that Iowa and New Hampshire are going to showcase the internal GOP divide for all to see. Iowa was the “anybody but a moderate” vote. And New Hampshire will be the “Only Moderates, Please” vote. Each state will highlight the ends of the conservative spectrum, and knock out a lot of contenders. […]

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