Jan 03 2008

Clinton Not Selling To Far Left In Iowa

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In Iowa dems seem to be saying ‘change’ is winning out over ‘experience’ (which is a joke when you have one candidate with less than one term as Senator, one with one term, and one a year into a second term). But the fact is Clinton is getting toasted by both Edwards and Obama combined. Many polls showed Clinton was not the second choice of many caucus goers, which means we can combine the Obama-Edwards numbers as the anti-Clinton vote in the Democrat party. That is 2-1 against Clinton, which tells me she is toast. Which is too bad, she would have been the easiest dem to beat.

But the real test will be after NH. If these numbers stay put Hillary will not make it to Super Tuesday.

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3 Responses to “Clinton Not Selling To Far Left In Iowa”

  1. VinceP1974 says:

    Why are you making such hasty conclusions about the primaries?

    Are Iowa Dems representative of US Dems in a way that Iowa Reps are not of US Reps?

  2. AJStrata says:


    Vince, start your own blog if you don’t like my observations.

    Check out my post on the enormous turn out for the dems and combine that with the fact Obama is creating a rallying point and Huckabee is not. The GOP is dividing and the dems uniting and bringing in ENORMOUS new numbers.

    He has no chance in NH – just watch. NH is going for McCain-Romney, which is 180 degrees opposite of Huckabee-Romney.

    The NH Dems are going for Obama.

    I am not here to make people’s dreams come true – I just observe and report and I have no control over whether people like it or not.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    touchy.. sheesh