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Jan 05 2008

Can Giuliani Steal 3rd In NH? Is Clinton Toast?

According to the latest CNN/WMUR poll results one possible outcome for the GOP race in NH is McCain 1st, Romney 2nd and Giulian 3rd (with Huckabee 4th and Fred Thompson out for the count). That would be huge for Giuliani heading into the big states like FL and CA were he has a more commanding […]

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Jan 05 2008

Something Is Happening In Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination is not only reverberating against Musharraf and the United States. There is a rising backlash in the country against extremists and their bloody and deadly methods. More voices are coming out against the terrorist nature of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, there are calls to eject the Afghan refugees who fled the US […]

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Jan 05 2008

More Gains In Iraq

Thankfully George Bush is going to leave office with a big (and accurate) “Mission Accomplished” next to the war in Iraq line item. The progress in that country is snowballing fast. I had some good news stories from Iraq this morning, and more from the latter half of the day showed up. Here they are: […]

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Jan 05 2008

GOP Self Destruction Continues

I have to laugh at the GOP stalwarts are just now beginning to wake up to the reality of 2008. I listened to Laura Ingraham and Chris Corr this morning on the AM radio and it was enlightening. Just about everyone is trying to figure out what is going on and failing miserably. One of […]

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