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Feb 05 2007

Berezvosky Is Getting Nervous

Berezovsky has ramped up his PR effort to try and hold onto the idea Alexander Litvinenko was the target of a Kremlin political hit and not some victim of a nuclear material smuggling effort (my theory). Berezovsky got Marina Litvinenko (wife of the deceased) to pen a letter to Putin demanding he prove a negative […]

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Feb 05 2007

Ried Whines He Cannot Restrict Senate Debate

Harry Reid came out on TV tonight and made a total fool of himself. He whined that the GOP ‘stifled debate’ because they wanted to present their views on Iraq to the Senate for a vote. Reid only wants liberal free speech, but he has no power to make it happen. As Mort Kondracke noted […]

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Feb 05 2007

Fitz’s Folly VII

Light posting as I am still nursing some sort of cold or something, but the headlines today in the Libby trial is that the FBI agent who testified last week had to totally reverse her testimony under oath. Take it away Clarice: The Libby trial continues today with FBI agent Bond acknowledging that her notes […]

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Feb 05 2007

Iraq On The Precipice

As the Senate fumbles around trying to snatch defeat in Iraq from where ever they can find it, the US and Iraqis are about to embark on the much anticipated Baghdad surge: Briefing a small group of foreign reporters, three American colonels who are senior advisers to the Iraqi army and police in Baghdad said […]

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Feb 05 2007

Global Warming “Whoops – Did We Say That?”

Now that the political propaganda piece regarding the Global Warming issue (yes, our temps are rising, they have been this high before) we are starting to see the facts that will be coming out to destroy the mirage. Here are some of the expected reversals on Global Warming that we shall see in a few […]

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Feb 05 2007

Knee Jerk Socialists

The Democrats clearly cannot abide success, because their knee jerk reaction to success is to take it away from those who succeeded. First we have Hillary’s lame call to take the profits from one company and give them to her ‘associates’ in businesses she approves of, which she refers to as ‘renewable energy’. Her idea […]

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Feb 05 2007

Yes, The Colts!

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Well, that was an interesting Super Bowl (Super Rain Bowl actually). LK and I were remembering our first Super Bowl party (which was as big as this one) and it was when the Bears last played (too many years ago to bother counting). We had a good crowd in our downstairs ‘home theatre’, our first […]

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