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Feb 06 2007

24 Season 6, 12:00 to 1:00 PM Open Thread

Last night’s installment of 24 was rivetting, and sometimes too predictable. As LJStrata pointed out, now we know where Jack gets his dark, killer side. I could see his dad and brother in cahoots, so when his dad got nervous and killed his son I was not surprised. But it was still a bit of […]

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Feb 06 2007

Al Qaeda Sets Up Shop In Europe

For all those lefties wishing for Bush to lose in Iraq a wake up call has just been issued. The only question is whether this call will get through the BDS haze. The news is al Qaeda is setting up shop in Europe, which means attacks there like we see in Baghdad and Israel are […]

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Feb 06 2007

Fitz’s Folly VIII

Fitz-Magoo is the uber-geek of Lawyers. He reminds me of Ken Starr who’s precision with the law fell flat with the general population – simply because life is not cut and dry and lived from a set of guidelines. People obsessed with the law forget its purpose, which is to arbitrate disputes and put certain […]

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