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Feb 02 2007

Hillary The Communist

Hillary wants “to take oil profits” and give them to other companies …. I mean invest in alternative energy sources. Goodbye Hillary (and the dems). One thing America does not believe in is state confiscation of private property. When would it stop? Would Hillary and her Communist friends take profits from McDonalds to fight obesity? […]

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Feb 02 2007

Forget It Arkin, Just Leave

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The Washington Post is definitely trying to dig itself out from under Bill Arkin’s madness, but it is not sufficient. As I mentioned yesterday Arkin did TWO things wrong which the post either stands by through by letting Arkin stay on or rejects by canning the idiot. First,

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Feb 02 2007

More Global Warming Fear Mongering

Yes, the earth’s temperature is warming. I has been for 100’s of years. It is NOT hotter than ever seen in recent geological time. It is going to cause problems. Darwin was right (if you understand what he was getting at): those who can adapt will survive easier. But shrill, unfounded, flailing panic is not […]

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