Feb 05 2007

Yes, The Colts!

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Well, that was an interesting Super Bowl (Super Rain Bowl actually). LK and I were remembering our first Super Bowl party (which was as big as this one) and it was when the Bears last played (too many years ago to bother counting). We had a good crowd in our downstairs ‘home theatre’, our first test run of the new technology in a party.

At least this game had a lot of excitement and stayed close through 3 quarters. The Bear’s initial run back for a touchdown (first in NFL Super Bowl history I think) was impressive and a lot of folks were preparing for a night of commercial gazing. But so was the Colts’ determination to stay in the game. A lot of us wondered if a Dome team could handle the weather (which was close to a Monsoon), but the Colts seemed to weather it all OK. It was clear the Bears, despite their early jump out to a lead, where struggling more than the Colts. I think everyone lost track of the turnovers in that game (has to be another Super Bowl record or two there). But it was clear the Colts were able to run the ball and would have an opportunity to claw their way back, which they did.

And the Super Bowl ads were pretty good this year. GoDaddy’s as was really lame. The one that got the most hoots in our crowd was the stripping car wash guys (especially “the old fossil”). I liked the Career Builders ads with the work wars. Post-It Man tooting his horn had me rolling. Not sure any of us are going to be eating an Snickers or Sierra Mist now. And the health heart ad seemed a bit brutal. None of the beer commercials were that memorable to me, except for Rock, Paper, Scissors. And the Mouse with the rabbit andchipmunk was hilarious – definitely one of the best. The worst: Garmin Ultraman. That was a big waste of money. The Doritos slapstick was pretty funny I guess. Career Builders is definitely the set I want to see again, though. Hope everyone had a great evening and Congrats to the Colts!

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    That rainstorm was what we call a gentle overnight soaker.

    The storm that generated the central Florida tornadoes the other day resulted in one of our classic “Toad Stranglers” up here where I live.

    My office window is about 25 feet from the street curb but I couldn’t see traffic passing in the street, only the glow of their headlights.