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Feb 14 2007

Houston Man Arrested As al Qaeda Traitor

Another sign al Qaeda is going to come to America if we surrender Iraq came out today as a Houston man was arrested as another (thankfully still rare) instance of a US traitor: A Texas man is being held in Houston on charges he trained with al Qaeda in Africa to overthrow the interim Somalian […]

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Feb 14 2007

Bush Confirms Iran Is Killing Our People

No one, I repeat – no one, is forcing Iran to get involved in Iraq to the point they are assisting in the killing of our people. That is an act of war where ever it occurs. The weapons, planning, training and assistance Iran is providing to Islamo Fascists in Iraq to Americans is an […]

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Feb 14 2007

Fred Thompson Blasts Fitz-Magoo

Special [needs] Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is going to be regretting the day he decided to try and build a famous career out of the nothingness of the Plame Game. Here is Fred Thompson, a very respected moderate Republican lawyer (and actor), voicing the obvious about Fitz-Magoo’s personal opportunism: Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., criticized Special […]

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Feb 14 2007

UNICEF Silliness: American Children Most Disadvantaged!

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UNICEF (that would be the United Nations of course) has decided US children are deprived! Too silly to even believe. Someone has their knickers in a twist, but I can tell you the kids here are so well off it is almost embarrassing. For one, nearly all homes are wired to the internet, so children […]

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Feb 14 2007

11 al Qaeda Suspects Arrested In France

Al Qaeda is readying itself to fight in Europe once the Democrats surrender the Middle East. Signs are everywhere (now in France) that Islamo Fascism is preparing to make some bold and destructive moves on the West this summer. It will be a wake up call, one we should have avoided.

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Feb 14 2007

Bizarre Democrats In Turmoil: Want To “Bleed” Our Troops

The Democrats’ obsession with surrendering Iraq to our mortal enemies, al Qaeda, has become something of a tragic comedy of late. Without the Congressional or National support for surrender on one side colliding with their rabid, overwrought and out of control anti-war base demanding some action now (just like al Qaeda is demanding) on the […]

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Feb 14 2007

Lincoln Quote An Internet Myth!

Major Update: I was linked by some foul mouthed childish liberal nut, who had a good point – this Lincoln quote I saw in a Washington Times article is an internet fake. Of course I cannot fact check the news media, and if the emotionally stunted blogger would have simply emailed me with the fact […]

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