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Feb 20 2007

Realism On The War On Terror

A must read on the real status of the war on terrorism, if for nothing else than to take a break from the know-nothing, breathless doomsayers in the liberal media (who are never right about anything – including UFOs). A sneak peak: Part of the problem is that we attribute preternatural qualities to the terrorists […]

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Feb 20 2007

The “Life’s Too Hard” Whine

Ed Koch nails the left in this country for crying about how hard life is, when in fact they have nothing hard to deal with except the fact their policies are out of date and universally panned as failures. So what do they do? They complain for those who are living challenging and dangerous lives, […]

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Feb 20 2007

Americans Weary Of Hyped Congressional Results

Americans booted the Reps from Congress because they were not doing much of anything, yet crowing about how great they were at everything. The stalemate of progress was laid at the feet of Rep leadership – rightfully so – which was stuck in partisanship deadlock or wedded to extreme views outside the mainstream. While the […]

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Feb 20 2007

The Polonium 210 Fallout

The number of people seriously exposed to the ‘assassination’ of Alexander Litvinenko has increased by three over recent weeks. If we look at the last two HPA reports (here and here) we see an interesting pattern on where the contamination was apparently picked up: [1] 15 people had results above 6mSv which are not significant […]

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Feb 20 2007

24 Season 6, 3:00 to 4:00 PM Open Thread

Last night’s episode seemed to be ‘let’s explore everyone’s personal demons’ night. Maurice O’Brian’s drinking problem seems to be one of those strange side bars to Jack’s family issues with a murderous father – or something like that. Anyway, it was interesting to see the Homeland Security Secretary finally turn around and try and protect […]

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