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Feb 15 2007

More Bad Science On Global Warming

In another of a series of ‘never mind’ retreats by the Global Warming charlatans it seems all their models showing rising temperatures in Antarctica are, … well….wrong. Folks, leave science to the scientists and keep the media (and Al Gores) out of it. They are clueless and shameless. “We’re looking for a small signal that […]

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Feb 15 2007

Al Qaeda Leader In Iraq Captured!

Wonder if the Dems will be demanding we release the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq as part of their surrender plans – now that we apparently wounded him. THE leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, has been wounded by Iraqi troops in a clash north of Baghdad, Arab television stations quoted […]

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Feb 15 2007

Al Qaeda Coming To The Americas

More evidence al Qaeda is preparing to lash out at the West (from Spain): This federation of armed and pro-Jihad groups, which accept Bin Laden as their leader but act independently, is attacking or preparing attacks on several fronts. The latest surprise was by a Saudi organisation linked to Al Qaeda, as it called to […]

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Feb 15 2007

End Game In Iraq

Too many today forget the horrors of the last year of WW II, when Europe was nearly destroyed as the Allied forces pushed the Nazis back into Berlin. The bombings and killings were horrific. The destuction on a scale never before seen on Earth. It was similar in Japan, just more abrupt because the atom […]

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Feb 15 2007

US Rounding Up al Qaeda In Iraq

The Purge of the Surge is starting to show results as the US has rounded up 27 suspected al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq in the last few days: Baghdad – US-led coalition forces Wednesday detained 27 terrorist suspects during a series of coordinated raids targeting the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, the US military reported. […]

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Feb 15 2007

House Dems Try And Fool America

Democrat leaders are trying to fool America into believing they are not going to strand our troops currently in Iraq without proper material, personell or replacements through defunding their efforts: Democratic leadership yesterday sought to quell voices within their own party who want to “defund” the war in Iraq, while Republicans said that is exactly […]

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