Feb 05 2007

Fitz’s Folly VII

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Light posting as I am still nursing some sort of cold or something, but the headlines today in the Libby trial is that the FBI agent who testified last week had to totally reverse her testimony under oath. Take it away Clarice:

The Libby trial continues today with FBI agent Bond acknowledging that her notes are inaccurate and that the summary of the second interview prepared by her supervisor Eckenrode is substantially at odds with her notes.

She also said that while Libby said he “couldn’t recall” a key conversation, for example, Eckenrode reported that Libby “adamantly denied “it occurred

Yep, under oath an FBI agent made claims in good faith that were 100% wrong – maybe Fitzgerald will charge her with perjury and obstruction of justice! Actually, it was much worse than that for the prosecution. Because agent Bond testified last week that Libby had said Rove had told Novak about Plame. And the chorus of “Merry Fitzmas” could be heard across the country. But sadly Agent Bond recanted today. She now CONFIRMS Libby testified that he talked to Rove and Rove had said Novak had spoken to him and already knew about Plame.

Killer testimony (another Libby witness moonlighting as a prosecution witness it seems). Not only did Bond totally mis-recall the testimony and had to be corrected with her own notes, she confirms the essence of what Libby said he heard: reporters already knew about Plame. And clearly they did. Therefore Libby was under the impression the news was ALREADY OUT! He couldn’t be the source of the leak (the real intention of the investigation and interviews) and he knew it because, geez, he never spoke to Novak. So if state of mind (as Fitz is fond of repeating) is key to the case, Fitzgerald’s FBI witness just confirmed Libby’s state of mind was “the reporters know already”, hence no reason to lie or cover up. Fitz should rest before he blows any more of his case, but the defense is ready to show Fitz how it is done. Libby’s legal team has established the settings they want and now will bring back witnesses to basically destroy what little credibility they have.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    I can taste that Kansas City BBQ already, Soothie. Do we need reservations?

  2. wiley says:

    Fitz would have a better case against most of the witnesses — what a joke! Unfortunately, it’s been an expensive waste of time.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    Most dysfunctional families scream in public a lot. But then there are the others, “more high class.” Who would never raise their voices.

    And, what I think people are missing? Fitz is NOT liked by the press!

    From his PRESSER onwards! (They thought he was a total disaster in the limelight.)

    Sure. You don’t hear this said aloud. But these are people who are used to being in the “in” crowd. (Like Pauline Kael, waking up in 1968, to find Americans voted in Nixon. “WHEN NONE OF HER FRIENDS VOTED FOR HIM.) It’s okay if sentences like that don’t “speak to you.”

    Fitz has been getting “non-coverage.” Instead of really seeing evidence that he gets praised? It’s awfully quiet out there. (Except for the negative shouting about Bush.) But you’re swayed by that stuff? (Gee, I saw cindy sheehan’s crowds actually shrinking in size.)

    But the media WILL look for material that fills there pages, preferably “with their point of view.” (That’s why they loved the Green Helmet Man, for instance, last summer.) Didn’t do their reputations all that much good, though.

    And, Fitz’s case is coming apart at the seams! (No wonder WOODWARD came out early, on Larry King, to announce “he didn’t see what all the fuss about Libby was about. BECAUSE “EVERYBODY KNEW.”) I’m waiting for some song-smith to turn this into a popular ditty.

    But, like in the HOUNDS OF THE BASKERVILLE, it’s the dogs NOT BARKING that gave the plot away. Shows ya, here, too. A lot of silent dogs. Some still getting pay checks from their fancy jobs. Alas, not true for Matt Cooper. And, someone else, whom I can’t remember, who got kicked to Slate.

    Do you know what Fitz is doing with this case? HE’S HAVING A PRESSER.

    And, the press know he can’t carry water.

    And, not only are there “leaks.” There are “counter-leaks.” So Fitz puts out the GJ testimony. EARLY. The WaPo sucked an article out of this on Sunday. And, then you have Colin Powell’s leak. So now you know the truth. Libby DID NOT LEAK TO NOVAK. And, Colin Powell held a meeting PRIOR to that July 6, 2003(?) publication date. Where he said to a roomful of STATE staffers, “everybody knows Joe Wilson is making the rounds.” Fits the “everybody knew” story to a T. And, covers Armitage. (Alas, Libby did NOT know. Nor did anyone think it was important enough to tell the President.) I guess they figured, if he wanted to know. He could go read it in the papers.

    If Fitz has a winnable case? Then he seated the perfect jury.

    Meanwhile, there’s a retired reporter from Newsweek, seated on the jury panel. Did Wells do this to guarantee that the jury room story can be told after this case dies? One wonders.