Feb 05 2007

Ried Whines He Cannot Restrict Senate Debate

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Harry Reid came out on TV tonight and made a total fool of himself. He whined that the GOP ‘stifled debate’ because they wanted to present their views on Iraq to the Senate for a vote. Reid only wants liberal free speech, but he has no power to make it happen. As Mort Kondracke noted on Special Report on Fox News, Mitch McConnel demonstrated some serious leadership skills by keeping the GOP caucus united (yep, including Chuck Hagel) in defeating the Dems attempt to restrict debate. The GOP was joined by Joe Leiberman (I warned everyone he would stand firm on Iraq) so the dems were not even over 50 votes, when they need 60 to get things moving. Dems blow it again. Now all we have to deal with is Pelosi stamping her little feet demanding more free transportation from our military. Ugh, she sounds like a spoiled brat.

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4 Responses to “Ried Whines He Cannot Restrict Senate Debate”

  1. Terrye says:

    No one is restricting debate. They can debate all day every day if they damn well feel like it, what they can not do is get the vote on this particular bill. When Democrats were in the minority and they did this sort of thing it was called “using minority rules” or something like that. Now it is stifling debate.

  2. Dorf77 says:

    …Ugh, she sounds like a spoiled brat…. Sorry BUT she is a Rich spoiled brat. And very little can be done except to shout it to the ‘net everytime she opens her pie hole.

  3. az redneck says:

    But the AP story has Republicans restricting debate! LOL!!

  4. lassoingtruth says:


    Anyone here realize the Generals opposed to the surge and in favor of getting out of Iraq are almost exclusively those w/o ties to military contractors and profitting. And those Generals in favor have great ties.