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Oct 16 2006

Reps Have Funds, Plus More, To Win

Further signs the liberals may be in for let down this election is that their message is not generating donations. The flow of money is always the best indicator of what ideas are succeeding. And in this election Reps hold the edge in attracting investments in our nation’s future. Given the GOP edge in Get […]

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Oct 16 2006

Gay Marriage And Webb’s Sexism Failing In Virginia

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Virginia is the root of America. Thomas Jefferson adapted much of my state’s Constitution to form the US Constitution. And it is no small matter that most of the forefathers of this country hail from this amazing state. We live outside DC and we live so isolated to DC politics it is hard to believe […]

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Oct 16 2006

Why Did Fordham and Trandahl Cover For Foley?

It is clear from reporting that Foley Chief of Staff Kirk Fordham and House Clerk Jeff Trandahl were covering for Foley’s bizarre behavior. We know they had opportunity and did keep a lid on Foley’s problems. But why would they do it? The answer is in the news today which is a combination of far […]

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Oct 16 2006

Lynne Stewart Receives 28 Month Sentence

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So what is the penalty for passing messages to for terrorists to terrorists? Seems it is 2 years and 4 months, in the case of Lynne Stewart.

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Oct 16 2006

Jihad Is Free Speech, Constitutional Right?

Want Dems in charge of Congress next year? Thinking of sitting out this elections because your conservative wish-list was not fulfilled? Thinking of just walking away from the political process? Well it could be a dangerous idea. We know the Dems want to surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda, tear down our most successful defensive monitoring […]

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Oct 16 2006

Liberals Trade War On Al Qaeda For One On Christians

While we head to the polls, we need to understand what voices and forces will be unleashed if Democrats get even a marginal victory this November. We know the Dems will bow to their liberal feverswamp base and repeal all Bush’s tax cuts. We know Democrats will try and surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda so […]

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Oct 16 2006

Which Is Stronger: Anger Or Determination?

The Dems and their liberal news media enablers are putting an aweful lot of hope and hype into the fact they keep saying their base is more fired up. Yes, their base is much more emotional and borderline out of control. Their run rampant on silly conspiracy theories about a country using or staging terrorist […]

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Oct 16 2006

More Intelligence Leaks To Influence Our Elections

The Intelligence Community (rapidly a term that is becoming oxymoronic with all their efforts to take down the republicans and failures to get accurate signals on what this nation faces) has decided to let one more leak out of the bag for this year’s election. We have had them leak (and tip off the terrorists) […]

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Oct 16 2006

The Endagered Centrist Democrat

One of the reasons I am not so sure of a Democrat take over is there are no centrist voices leading the Democrats. In fact, the Democrat party has been distilling itself down to its far left core for years. Gone are strong centrist Democrats John Breaux and Zell Miller. And with these more moderating […]

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