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Oct 18 2006

Strata-Sphere A Rush Regular Read

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This humble blogger is quite honored to be mentioned by Rush Limbaugh as one of his regular reads, with some of the most notable names in conservative blogging: I’m going to tell you the blog postings that I regularly read in my RSS reader. I’ve communicated with many of the people who run them. They’re […]

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Oct 18 2006

Republican Wave In MD Senate

I predicted last year Republican Michael Steele would win MD’s open Senate seat. The fact is the black community in MD is not going to vote in another lame white guy when they have Steele on the ballot, with the best campaign commercials ever produced. And now we see a poll showing a tie and […]

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Oct 18 2006

AQ Getting Cold Shoulder From Taliban?

Seems that AQ is wearing out its welcome in many places these days. Here is some indication that in the heart of the Taliban, the desire is for Al Qaeda to just go away: In the Waziristan region of Pakistan, al Qaeda seems to have committed two particular blunders. The first was trying to take […]

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Oct 18 2006

Details Of NSA Capabilities Turns Up In AQ Handbook

Fixed the link – thanks Harold! The American news media cannot claim their leaks about NSA and other intelligence efforts are not hurting our efforets to defend this country. Not after an Al Qaeda terrorist handbook has been found on the internet exploiting the information that was gleaned from the exposure of the NSA’s Terrorist […]

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Oct 18 2006

Where Is The GOP House

Update: One really has to questions polls which ignore the Battleground Poll’s finding that the country is 61% conservative verses 34% liberal. Without an accurate model the polls are junk. – End Update. If you look at the top 40 GOP at-risk house seats at RCP one would think the Democrats have a good chance […]

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