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Oct 15 2006

More Proof Trandahl And Fordham Covered For Foley

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the incident where a drunk Foley was found outside the Page dorms was known by two people, House Clerk Trandahl and Foley Chief of Staff Fordham. In fact, it appears that out of all the people who knew of a Foley incident, these two men knew of most […]

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Oct 15 2006

A News Reporter Comes Out On Foley

Frank Davies at the San Jose Mercury News has produced an interesting, first hand recollection of Mark Foley that also shows how people who intimately knew Foley had no idea he had predatory tendencies towards minors (I am being reasonably cautious in my representation of Foley’s acts until we get something more concrete, as is […]

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Oct 15 2006

Kerry Admits North Korea Cheating On Nuke Agreement In 1997!

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John Kerry’s biggest problem for himself and Democrats is his mouth. This morning on Fox News Chris Wallace challenged Kerry about his claim that Bush let NK get the bomb. Wallace said experts say NK began cheating in 1997. Kerry let slip that ‘of course’ NK was cheating on the agreement, and that we knew […]

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Oct 15 2006

What Does Rove Know?

Seems Bush and Rove share my confidence that the expected Republican electorial route will not happen [H/T RCP]. Rove is apparently predicting only a loss of 8 seats on the House, and I am still predicting only one loss seat. To me the polls have only been tightening and getting into the 3% range were, […]

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