Oct 16 2006

Which Is Stronger: Anger Or Determination?

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The Dems and their liberal news media enablers are putting an aweful lot of hope and hype into the fact they keep saying their base is more fired up. Yes, their base is much more emotional and borderline out of control. Their run rampant on silly conspiracy theories about a country using or staging terrorist attacks to gain access to oil fields. The liberals are all in a froth – but is that enough? The number of people who are all in a froth is still small. 20% of this country calls itself liberal – and I will grant all of them are hopping mad. And they have one champion in a major Senate race to rally behind – Ned Lamont.

The number of people in this country which who claim some religous belief number 80% or higher. But we rarely see these people vote in a religous government or policies based on religion. And these feelings are deep and strong. So how is it an angry 20% can outvote the more calm 80%? Everything I read says Reps and Cons are sad, demoralized, fed up and will therefore stay home to let their lives be run by a group of angry liberals…

That doesn’t make sense. No matter what Mark Foley did, or how tough it is in Iraq (and it is always tough in Iraq before a US election – duh!), why is it the liberals think they will get a pass and a wink to come in and make things worse (in the view of a conservative)? The flash in the pan intensity that is the hallmark of the left now (as the NY Times piece I linked to above notes) is a force yes, but can it topple quiet determination?

I am not angry like a model Democrat, but then again I refuse to let things get so out of control in my head I start making up things to shore up my internal image of what a political genius I am. Most of us look at politics, and especially the brand practiced in DC, and wonder what planet are these strange creatures from! I grew up inside the Beltway of DC, so ironically I know better than most how little the influence is outside the politically obsessed class (like myself). People vote on some simple questions they tend to resolve the last weekend before the elections or when they are in the line to vote. The Democrats have offered nothing but anger and crazy conspiracy theories. They have worried more about protecting terrorists caught on the field of battle than what to do on the field of battle to win. And running from Iraq has proven time and time and time again not to be an option. America will never say “Winning is not an option”! Democrats did, so they can face the reality of that concept personally soon.

I am going to go vote as I always do, as will many of us. We won’t register in the polls as being highly motivated – because it is determination and respecting the right to vote that has always sent me to the polls. Pollsters calling here get a cold shoulder. So how many, like me, are out there ready to go vote regardless of how angry the liberals are? How many are going to go vote because angry liberals appear to be so unstable it is important for some sanity be at the polls reminding this nation of better ways of dealing with minority status (like proposing some ideas, possibly even a good one or two).

I may be whistling pass the grave here, but I see a lot of media hype and stalwart liberals in a rapturous state of angry glee (revenge). But even a small army of angry warriors can be stumped by a larger populace of level headed and determined people. We shall see what history has to say about a movement built on frustration and without a single interesting policy proposal. So far history has not been too kind. In either resulting scenario.

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  1. clarice says:

    Then look at the difference in the two parties’ ground games..

    Here’s another view of the polls by Jay Cost, the absolute best analyst.


  2. TomAnon says:

    Well I do not know how many conservatives or liberals hang up on pollsters. I only know I have hung up on Rasmussen thrice this week past. I will not talk with solicitors at dinner time. So, I see the new Rasmussen polling numbers for MD and my guys, Ehrlich and Steele are way behind. Fifty hangups and that messes things up quick. I note by their persistence that they must be having problems with people not answering polls.

  3. carol johnson says:


    Democratic donor in Tennessee, Barry Stokes arrested on Friday of embezzling pension funds in TN and giving $70,000 to the TN Democratic Party statewide and national. Democratic Party chairman in TN refuses to give back the money donated by Stokes despite calls from a DEMOCRATIC state senator to do just that!

    Seems like Harry Reid has some company!

    Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am determined to vote and angry! Harry Reid has been telling colleagues over the weekend that they needn’t worry about the story of his land deals going anywhere. Folks…we simply CANNOT let this story get buried!!! AJ, the coverup is beginning. We just can’t let them get away with it!!


  4. trentk269 says:

    I’m not hoping for it, but a Dem majority in either house might just give them enough rope to hand themselves in ’08. This is especially true if they raise taxes or move ahead with impeachment plans.

    The two GOP presidential frontrunners, Giuliani and McCain, appeal to the middle. They might not be the toast of the conservative base, but up against any Dem candidate they look great. Not one of the Dem hopefuls (Clinton, Kerry, or Gore) have this middle appeal. All have made various accommodations with the radical left Dem base.

    Higher taxes, impeachment, various attempts to curb free speech all bode well for the GOP in ’08, and maybe even ’06. Most of the races considered critical are tossups, and the Dems will have to run the table to gain majorities in either house.

    The liberals and radicals might not like it, and the MSM may wind up with egg on its face, but that’s democracy, folks. And, it was designed to work the way it’s working right now.

  5. Limerick says:


    At REDSTATE this article is about the Bouchard/Stabenow debate in Michigan.
    Looks like PBS tried to pull a fast one. I think their license should be revoked in Michigan.

  6. ivehadit says:


    The libs will be so suprised as will be pollsters.

    And, we ALL need to keep our eyes open at the polling places for FRAUD…the dems have laid the groundwork for this and we must NOT let them steal.

    I cannot fathom any citizen letting the global socialist dems/clintons/soros have one ounce of power. Ever.

    And I cannot fathom any conservative much less republican, letting the Supreme Court go liberal for the next 50 years…and that is EXACTLY what will happen if the global socialist dems win in November. Obstruction like you have never seen…

    So, frankly, I consider those who want to “fast” or sit home or “punish” or “teach a lesson” to be TRAITORS to my Beloved America…and my children and grandchildren.

    Total republican victory in November is the only lesson that needs to be learned…by clintons/carville/shrum/begalla/lehane/soros.

  7. ivehadit says:

    No clear thinking conservative or citizen for that matter, could possible let the global socialist democrats have one ounce of power. Ever.

    It is time to take our country back from clintons/soros. The time is NOW.

    No one can let the global socialists have the power without our consent. And I for one am NOT giving my consent!

    Everyone I know is FIRED UP to vote a straight republican ticket.

    It is time to send the message that we will no longer tolerate the gutter polictics of the global socialist clintons/carville/lehane/shrum/begalla, et al.

    And lastly, it is simply intolerabe to allow the Supreme Court to go liberal for the next 50 years…Unacceptable. The ACLU will dictate our policies. HOW LONG have we been waiting to change the courts????? VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER!

  8. Terrye says:

    I expect the Left to be fired up and out for blood, that is their nature..But I am really disgusted with some the right/centrist bloggers and commentators out there who are already saying all is lost.

    And of course they follow that with some snarky comments about how they know how to fix everything. It seems to me that some of these bloggers have turned into trouble makers and back stabbers.

    Not AJ, of course he is a man among men.

  9. Ken says:

    Yeah, AJ, you never “make things up”…like the scenario of al Qaeda taking over Iraq if the US leaves. A subject which you at least put on a show of being “in a froth” about. And America said “winning is not an option” in Vietnam, another no-win war.

    And your dismissive “Iraq is always tough before an election” comments both ignores the conservatives, and military men
    who vouch for its current deterioration and exemplifies the
    ugly American GOP loyalist amoralism vis a vis the country their dear leader destroyed and the price Iraqis are paying.

  10. carol johnson says:

    “…like the scenario of al Qaeda taking over Iraq if the US leaves.”


    You mean just like the Taliban and Al Qaeda took over Afganistan after driving the Russians out? That Al Qaeda? And when they do, speaking of Vietnam, we will have yet another Killing Field on our hands! Pol Pot and his like slaughtered over two million in SE Asia!!!

    John Kerry, who wanted to be President of the United States, hasn’t lost one minutes sleep over it. I don’t think the man has a conscience at all about it OR what would happen if the same thing happened in Iraq or elsewhere. He showed even less compassion for his fellow servicemen in Vietnam by calling them murderers and rapists. Such a man was ALMOST our Commander-in-Chief.

    Those who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


  11. Limerick says:

    Ken is the follower of Jean Marie LePen, leader of the French National Front (FN). Below you will see just where Ken gets his politics from. If you look back through his comments on Strata-Sphere he often refers to FN and LePen when he gets frustrated with Strata readers.

    ‘Le Pen, who is presently 68 years-old, founded the Front National in 1972 as a coalition of extreme right-wing groups. Among those who made up the leadership team were men like the late convicted war criminal Pierre Bousquet, who edited the FN magazine Militant; Francois Brigneau, editor of the FN daily Present, who was a member of the Vichy militia during World War II, and Waffen SS member Jean Castrillo, the former editor of Militant.’

    FN (French National Front Party) members committed the following murders; Brahim Bouraam 1995, Imad Bouhoud, 1997, Irahim Ali, 1998. In all these cases the motivation was race. Here in the United States we would identify them as ‘skin-heads’. Irahim Ali was a 17 year old boy who happened to walk by three FN party men putting up election posters for FN leader Jean Marie LePen. The three men initiated a confrontation with Ali, and as he fled he was shot in the back. The murders claimed self defense. All three men were convicted and sent to prison.

    FN political rallies are attended by party members dressed in black shirts a-la the Nazi SS. FN party leader LePen has described Nazi occupied France as ‘not too bad’ and said of the Nazi gas chambers that they were just a ‘point of detail’ in WWII.

    After the 1998 elections the party suffered severe party membership loss due to it’s Nazi leanings. After the passing of hate law legislation LePen reorganized the party with his chief propagandist Carl Lang and began making public statements which were designed to sound more moderate. The internal platform of the party however remains seated in its SS/Vichy/Dreyfus roots. Today it organizes mostly in the French ‘ghettos’ to draw upon public dissatisfaction with arab immigrant policy. It is stead fast in its condemnation of Israel and all things Jewish.

    This is Kens party. When you read Kens remarks now you have a picture to go along with his remarks. Shaved head. Black shirt. Brass knuckles in his pocket. A real American hero! Hail Ken!

  12. Retired Spook says:

    Limerick, the fact the Ken never replied to your post would indicate to me that your assessment is probably pretty accurate. As several note in a previous thread, Ken appears to occupy that tiny pocket of humanity (well, maybe not hummanity) where the far Left and the far Right merge. Not a pretty place.

  13. Ken says:

    How can an American be “a follower of Jean Marie LePen?”

    I simply point out Le Pen, whose NF controls several French
    cities, and who has received large percentages of the French
    vote when campaigning, is an effective oppponent of
    the encroaching Moslem western invasion which so many on
    this site seem to fear. And he is such without being a lackey
    for Israeli interests as is the American political class which
    only increases just Moslem enmity by being such.

    More to the point, only the nationalist ideology of LePen
    and similar,offers Europe any hope of resisting both Moslem
    and Israeli-occupied American undesired influences
    in their regions and enables Europeans to carve out an
    appropriate doemstic and foreign policy vis a vis both
    Islam and America.

    On the other hand,I have yet to read one poster on this site
    adopt anything but a “defend Israel at any cost and screw
    the Moslems if they don’t like it,” attitude. That’s what
    delivered the no-win morass in Iraq.

    God and one might be a majority, but America and
    Israel are not, vis a vis the world,as the neocons are discovering.

  14. Ken says:


    You conveniently omit the fact the US brought Taliban rule to
    Afghanistan with CIA funding.

  15. Ken says:

    Wonder if Strata can bring himself to acknowledge that 10 soldiers killed yesterday and the ongoing worst month for US casualties
    since Jan 2005 might contitute increased “toughness” before the
    election. Only 34% of Americans seem to disagree and that
    figure of war support was polled before the loss of ten in one day.

  16. AJStrata says:

    Yes Ken,

    There is a war on against a bloodthirsty enemy who doubles their efforts around our elections so dupes can quiver in fear and try to get us surrender. Anything else you need help observing?