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Oct 11 2006

The Aravosis And SSP Forged Emails

Blogger For The Loop has done us all a favor by posting the two versions of the faked up emails that were posted on the Stop Sex Predators (SSP) website. and by John Aravosis (radical leftist). Note that these ‘creations’ have no dates in the headers (which means they are not emails). Comparing them to […]

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Oct 11 2006

McCain Clobbers Hillary

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Obviously Hillary was attempting to do too much rewriting of history when she claimed a nuclear North Korea was Bush’s fault. That bit of liberal fantasizing was just too much for McCain who hit her with both barrels when he reminded her the true source of the NK Nukes: “I would remind Senator Clinton and […]

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Oct 11 2006

Der Spiegel Is Kaput On Foleygate

Der Spiegel has an article out claiming ‘the list’ of gay republican staffers and officials on The Hill is a REPUBLICAN attack on gays in their party! The scandal surrounding US Congressman Mark Foley’s inappropriate messages to a teenage boy threaten to damage Republican chances in a tight midterm election next month. Faced with a […]

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