Oct 16 2006

More Intelligence Leaks To Influence Our Elections

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The Intelligence Community (rapidly a term that is becoming oxymoronic with all their efforts to take down the republicans and failures to get accurate signals on what this nation faces) has decided to let one more leak out of the bag for this year’s election. We have had them leak (and tip off the terrorists) to the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program. We have had the IC leak the successful and legal SWIFT program that monitors terrorist money transfers. We have them leak the details of events surrounding pending terrorist attacks in NY City tunnels, forcing law enforcement to round up suspects prematurely and lose track of some. We have had leaks on the detention of people like Kahlid Sheik Mohamed, the master-mind of 9-11.

And now we have another leak regarding a top Al Qaeda figure being supposedly held in Pakistan, which will now make that country a target of attacks – whether the leak is true or not:

A suspected al Qaeda leader, accused of being involved in September 11 and planning the 2004 Madrid train bombings, has been imprisoned in a secret U.S. jail for the past year, Spain’s El Pais newspaper reported on Sunday.

Mustafa Setmarian, 48, a Syrian with Spanish citizenship, was captured in Pakistan in October 2005 and is held in a prison operated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Pakistani and European security service officials told El Pais.

A spokesman for the U.S. embassy in Spain declined to comment on the report.

Setmarian’s 2005 capture was reported in May of this year after the United States put a $5 million bounty on the head of the alleged founder of al Qaeda’s Spanish network.

The media is playing a support role for the terrorist in two ways on this leak. They are tipping them off this man is in our custody and therefore his contacts need to get into hiding ASAP, and they are putting more pressure on Musharraf’s government. How many lives are these Pulitzer’s worth? And since when did WINNING this war become a crime!:

Amnesty International has reported Setmarian’s disappearance. The human rights organization says dozens of Islamic radicals captured in Pakistan are held in clandestine jails operated by the United States and other countries.

Is this what we can expect when the left takes over? Calls for the release of dangerous terrorists who are in a Jihad (the word means ‘war’ to all you journalist majors out there) against us and we are arming ourselves with lawyers…to represent terrorist prisoners of war!

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  1. Limerick says:

    Oswald, King, RFK
    Mi Lai, Tet, and Watergate
    Patty Hurst, the Shah, and Ayatolla too
    ABC knows what is best for you.

    SDS, SLA, the DPRK
    All just misunderstood you see
    Nicaragua, Munich and Arafat too
    CBS knows what is best for you.

    Kadafi, the Contras, War for oil
    Ice Age, Warming, contaminated soil
    Chads and fads and hypocrites too
    NBC knows what is best for you

    Ka-ching, Ka-ching what a happy sound
    Who cares if we grind America down
    We know what is best on Channel 2
    Remaking mankind with our special glue

    Follow along and play our song
    Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Americas all wrong!
    Destroying your freedom, what a view!
    The media is looking out for you.

    ‘Common Sense’ was just mere words
    Thomas Paine was just a turd
    Hug your cat and lick our shoe
    We’re making a world just right for you.

  2. Snapple says:

    Information about this guy has been in the papers for a while. I think first from the Pakistanis. Also, his wife talks to the papers. She is Spanish.

    What is not known is where he is.

    It is an issue because the Spaniards want him for blowing up their trains. We want him for 9-11.

    Note the 2005 dates on some articles I have cited in a post about this guy.


    He looks like an Irishman, but he is Syrian, but he has red hair and green eyes. Some people in the ME came from the Caucasus a long time ago, and they have this red hair.

    He wants to destroy America with WMD. He wrote a huge book about that.