Oct 16 2006

Gay Marriage And Webb’s Sexism Failing In Virginia

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Virginia is the root of America. Thomas Jefferson adapted much of my state’s Constitution to form the US Constitution. And it is no small matter that most of the forefathers of this country hail from this amazing state. We live outside DC and we live so isolated to DC politics it is hard to believe the populace exist in the same state. The state is actually a great bellweather for the nation. And it will do two things this November. It will refute Democrat Webb and re-elect George Allen, and it will refute the idea that same sex civil unions are the same as marriages and families. I have no problem with either because, in the end, raising a family is not the same as having a partner for life. Both have partners for life. But a family requires more sacrifice than agreeing on where to vacation or where to invest the money. When there is no vacation or money to invest, that is a true test of giving.

AddendumI want to make it clear that I am 100% behind same sex unions to fix what are aggregious policies regarding visitation rights and the ability to leave your worldly posessions to your partner. I am not against gays. I am against further erosion of the institute of the family. To generalize co-habitation with the raising of children is the line that must not be crossed. Supporting the next generation of Americans that will continue to build, protect and support the older generations in their twilight years is an amazing challenge. Society seems tired of having to put up with these young people, having to restrict their lusts in public, having to fund their education, having to take the time to commute with their buses on the public roads. When we got used to the throw away pregnancies we lost sight of the gift children are to all of us. So it is not out of hate or spite many like me oppose Gay marriages – it is not aimed at gay’s at all. We just want to preserve the combined sense of marriage and family. Like Gays, we are standing up for ourselves and protecting our rights to define our identity in a democracy.

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  1. mervb says:

    Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but I believe he was in Paris when the Constitution was written.

  2. drk says:

    I still don’t understand what conservatives’ public policy suggestions might be for gays and lesbians who have adopted or wish to adopt children. Take them away? How is that beneficial to children?

    The APA (not sure how conservatives really feel about them, but here goes) notes the lack of scientific evidence against same-sex parenting here:

    I got a little confused about the comments re: using buses on public roads… but I don’t really know how people are supposed to get around otherwise, especially if they’re impoverished, without parents (of any type). What kind of policies would you suggest to solve these problems?

    By the way: I enjoy your blog and appreciate the chance to debate with a modicum of civility.

  3. momdear1 says:

    Why is is necessary to have a marriage license or legal status to leave your property to whomever you please. I think all that is needed is a properly drawn up and signed will. I have never heard of a hospital which would not allow visitors that the patient requested, regardless of their “legal status.” All this is a bogus argument to get legal standing so they will have unlimited access to children. No matter what you say, nothing will ever make me believe that is not the ir number one objective. The fact that NAMBLA is after the Boy Scouts and there is not widespread condemnation within the Homoxexual community reinforces this view.

    Gay activists are eager to claim that more heterosexuals are convicted of child molestation than gays. The last statistics I saw indicate that although only between 2% to 10% of the population is gay, 43% of convicted child molestors are gay. If you subtract the number of over 18 males who have had consensual sex with underage females the percentage is higher than that.

    My greatest fear is that when they get all these rights, the wierdo’s amongst them will no longer have to hang around parks and playgrounds to find their victims. They will just go down to social services and get one. There are all kinds of unadoptable children who will be available and they will have no say on who they are sent to live with. Remember Jesse Derkowietz (sp.) of Arkansas. He was 13 years old and had a job bussing tables in a restaurant owned by two homoxexuals who were in a committed relationship. They convinced Jesse’s mother that he should stay with them on weekends so she wouldn’t have to drive into town and pick him up and bring him back. The police found Jesse’s body, bound up in duct tape, with his underwear stuffed in his mouth, on a mattress where he had been repeatedly raped and sodomized with objects including cucumbers, sausages and whatever else they had on hand. Everyone remembers Matthew Shephard, who has been made into a martyr for the homoxexual cause. But nobody remember Jesse and the other little boys who have been sodomized and murdered by the deviants who are many times more likely to be homosexual than straight.

    Give them “rights?” I don’t even want to eat out of the same dishes they use.

  4. drk says:

    I take back my comment about this site being civil.

  5. alessandrab says:


    Pro-homosexuality people have as one of their number 1 agenda priorities to silence all facts and truth about exploitation and violence perpetrated by non-heterosexuals. Your comments are right on. I’ve been blogging on these issues for awhile: alessandrab.blogspot.com, because not only are these people doing a tremendous disservice to society and our well-being, they are getting more and more powerful and extremist.

    The Foley scandal is the tip of the iceberg, and it’s a foul-smelling iceberg indeed.

    I hope to see social conservatives form their own party somehow, at least on local/state levels.

  6. alessandrab says:

    Did you see the latest public experiment that homos are doing to bringing up children without marriage or love? It’s like having a goldfish, or how Madonna shops for black painted souvenirs to take back from Africa.

    Radio Host Faces the San Francisco Inquisition


  7. AJStrata says:


    Welcome to the site. But could we please dispense with the word ‘homo’ please? I would greatly appreciate it. You can make your points without it I am sure.

    Thanks, AJStrata