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Oct 10 2006

Washington Post Acknowledges Democrats Role In Foleygate

Welcome: Welcome Hugh Hewitt and Townhall readers. For those interested in this subject I have compiled a Timeline of Events that has been developed from many bloggers following this story. All my posts on Foleygate can be found here. End It’s about time. Once again the blogosphere is doing the detailed analysis and the antique […]

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Oct 10 2006

Trandahl Has A Criminal Lawyer

It seems Trandahl has hired a lawyer woth experience in white collar crimes… The new attorney supported Henry Cisneros in his scandal. I would be interested in knowing who is paying for this attorney who defends high profile Democrats. How very interesting.

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Oct 10 2006

Is Trandahl Coming Out About His Covering For Foley?

Rumor at CNN is Trandahl is going to have something to say Tuesday (is that supposed to be today?). This should be interesting if it happens.

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Oct 10 2006

CREW Response To Charges Is Highly Questionable

RAW Story has a report on the CREW response to recent charges from many quarters, but which is highly questionable in a number of areas. And even RawStory admits some claims cannot dismissed. Point-by-point the claims that CREW needs to PROVE (not simply state) because there are indications to the contrary: LIE: The email messages […]

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Oct 10 2006

Foleygate Timeline

More Updates Regarding Email Timeline and House Staff Names Updates will be in bold as more details come in Here is a fairly complete and accurate timeline on Foleygate compiled by AP. The key missing elements are the claims by Aravosis and Rogers on when they were attmepting to basically blackmail Fordham and when they […]

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Oct 10 2006

Trandahl Knew Of Foley Issues In 2000-2001

Retiring, and gay, Arizona Rep Jim Kolbe has clarified his position on when he learned of issues with Foley and Pages, and what he did at the time. And as I suspected yesterday, Kolbe did notify Jeff Trandahl, House Clerk, and Foley’s office (that would likely include Kirk Fordham). Given the fact that Trandahl and […]

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Oct 10 2006

Folyegate Unraveling On Democrats

Happened to be one of those rare days when I am in the car when Rush is on and saying something of interest to me (you would be surprised how rare that actually is!) and he asked if the Foley story would have legs. If it is about Foley and Hastert – no. But if […]

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Oct 10 2006

Mike Rogers Is Blackmailing Our Government

The Liberal smear campaign is hitting its ugly peak. Mike Rogers has supposedly identified two gay men who work (or in this case worked) in the House. This sexual McCarthyism is a clear sign of how the nation will operate under Democrats. People will live in fear of being outted as a closetted gay, closetted […]

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Oct 10 2006

Iraqi Time Tables – Mind Numbingly Stupid

Ralph Peters is on one of his frustration tears again, saying we should give Iraq one more year, then… WITH 26 American troops dead in Iraq in the first nine days of October, the combination of bad news and pre-election politics has those on one bench arguing for bailing out immediately and those on the […]

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Oct 10 2006

Bad News In The Polls

Well, the media has been able to create the impression Mark Foley represents the GOP in some recent polls out. The range of lead for the Dems is between 13 and 23 points (A href=””>CNN, USA Today/Gallup, ABC News/WaPo, CBS News – H/T TCP). Surprisingly, the usually left leaning CBS News poll is one of […]

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