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May 04 2006

Fitzgerald Accused Libby Of Not Leaking

We have it from the idiots own mouth.  I have said over and over that Libby was indicted FOR NOT LEAKING!.  From the February court transcript: Fitzgerald: But the indictment alleges that on Monday Mr. Libby told Mr. Fleischer this information about Mr. Wilson’s wife and  indicated that it wasn’t widely known, on a Monday. […]

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May 04 2006

Team Libby Know UGO

Team Libby knows who the mysterious original leaker “UGO” is in the Plame investigation. They apparenly know a lot about the person. We learn this from this interaction during the February 24, 2006 hearing in the Libby case (first post on the subject here): First, there is the identify of a particular government official, obviously […]

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May 04 2006

How Incompetent Is Fitzgerald?

Tom Maguire linked to this trasncript at Talk Left (thanks for posting this Jeralyn Merrit!) from a hearing regarding pre-tirial motions on February 24, 2006 in the Libby case. Some portions jumped out at me because they illustrated a fairly in-experienced Special Counsel. Like a lawyer just starting out in trial cases. This first order […]

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May 04 2006

Moussai’s Sentence

Took a while to get my thoughts together on this subject.  One thing I must do is stand by our court system.  The jury had its say.  What stayed their hand we may never know.  Was it an attempt to deny Moussai the martyr’s death?  Was it something else?  Interesting and irrelevant. I would expect […]

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May 04 2006

Democrats Sink Into The Muck

Democrats reflect the lowest common denominator of human worth, pride and honor.  The cannot help themselves it seems.  They will stoop to any low to win.  I don’t have time for links right now, but recall the tire slashing in the ’04 elections, the lies about the NSA and Iraq and Forgeries, and the calls […]

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May 04 2006

The Crazy Left Keep Trying To Surrender In Iraq

*** Major Update: Clarice Feldman points to news about a 3 Stooges class video of Zarqawi and his merry men. In it (somebody please find me a link to the actual footage) Zarqawi’s men burn their hands on the machine gun barrel they were using. Is this the vision that has struck fear into the […]

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