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May 11 2006

NSA Phone Pattern Analysis Update

As with most things having to do with computers and national security I struggle with what to discuss because just discussing what is possibly happening is feeding information to the terrorists. The terrorists are not stupid, they are just handicapped by ignorance. So I have decided to not do more than acknowledge the original reporting […]

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May 11 2006

Administration Not Enforcing Laws?

There are lots of myths that get repeated which defy reasoning.  One is the Bush administration is not enforcing immigration laws with employers.  Well we had news last month of a huge raid, and news this month of huge raid.  Well, old myths die hard.

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May 11 2006

Snow Job

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Go get them Tony! H/T Drudge.

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May 11 2006

Another Day, Another National Security Leak

*** Major Update: Mac Ranger has word those who leaked this story are known to authorities and this may be a political hit job *** *** Major Update at the end – and make sure to check out the comments section for links (simply cursor over the name for the comment to find trackbacks) *** […]

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