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May 08 2006

Miller Response To Team Libby Is Weak

Tom Maguire has links to some response filings. I found the Miller/Bennet response to Team Libby’s filing against motions to quash weak. Which means Walton will probably side with Miller. But here it goes anyway. First off, Bennett naively admits the amount of information Miller is withholding is small, so there will never be any […]

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May 08 2006

Raging RINOs Sighted!

The Raging RINOs have been sighted at the Environmental Republican and they are tearing up the place as usual.  Go check out what all the fuss is about!

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May 08 2006

Liberal Alternet Confirms Walton’s Order To Fitz

In this previous post I noted that Judge Walton, who is overseeing the Libby case, denied Team Libby marginal information about Joe Wilson’s 2002 Niger trip in order to impeach his testimony and his comments at the time (plenty of sources for that), but did give Team Libby a big win on getting government information […]

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May 08 2006

CIA Source Of Niger Forgeries?

Folks, this post began as a look back on Wilson’s antics in 2003 based on his comments at the EPIC conference in June and a UVA speech in October 2003. It turned quickly into wild speculation about the Niger Forgeries and a plausible CIA role. As I was reviewing this material a year later with […]

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May 08 2006

The 2006 Elections: Kadima II

While the dems think they will win the 2006 election cycle, I think the truth is both parties will be abondened as people move to an un-aligned position in the center. The mood in the country is one of total disgust with DC and politics. The country is in great shape, is taking on Al […]

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May 08 2006

Hoekstra Still Cowering

New day, same Hoekstra. Many fine people who I admire have emailed and commented to me that some people just feel unconfortable about too many military leaders. Well, I don’t find that argument persuasive. To say that still implies there is something negative about people in the Military. The round of discussion came when I […]

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May 08 2006

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has selected their top posts for the week, and there are some great posts in this round. In the council category the winner is The Last Boat Out of Liverpool by Gates of Vienna, with second place going to You’re-being-mean-to-me Liberalism by New World Man. In the non-council category the winner is […]

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