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May 27 2006

Too Late To Surrender Now

The final stages of transitioning soveriegnty to the new democratic government of Iraq will begin soon, too soon for Mad Murtha, Dean and other liberals to surrender Iraq to Bin Laden and Zarqawi: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has said that Iraqi security forces will start assuming full responsibility for some provinces and cities next […]

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May 27 2006

Did CIA Ally With Al Qaeda During Clinton Years?

This post is based on unsubstantiated and leftwing biased reporting. However, if true, all the left wing spin in the post cannot hide the true implications of this news. What interests me is the possibility that the source of the reporting – the French Intel Reports – are accurate. If so then this is just […]

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May 27 2006

Good For Gonzales

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What I really like about this administration is the people all serve for a hire purpose. They shun polls, they go forth in the face of bad press, and they stick by their positions no matter what. And they do it quietly (something that truly sets them apart from the camera hungry pols and bureacrats […]

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