May 04 2006

Fitzgerald Accused Libby Of Not Leaking

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We have it from the idiots own mouth.  I have said over and over that Libby was indicted FOR NOT LEAKING!.  From the February court transcript:

Fitzgerald: But the indictment alleges that on Monday Mr. Libby told Mr. Fleischer this information about Mr. Wilson’s wife and  indicated that it wasn’t widely known, on a Monday. … even though we’ve alleged six different conversations, more than six conversations in the month before [talking to the press] he [Libby] discussed it with everyone from the vice president to people at the CIA, to ranking officials at the State Department.
…At the same time he [Libby] is testifying under oath that he has a specific recollection that he was telling the reporters, Ms. Miller, Mr. Cooper, that he didn’t know if it were true. He didn’t know if Mr. Wilson had a wife.

Got it.   Libby knew about Valerie Plame’s CIA job before talking to the press.  So when he testified he told the press he did not know (i.e., he refused to leak his inside knowledge about a CIA agent) he lied and that is why he was indicted.  For lying to the press and not leaking the classified information.

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6 Responses to “Fitzgerald Accused Libby Of Not Leaking”

  1. trentk269 says:

    So are they saying that he lied to the grand jury about what he actually told the press, of that he actually knew and was therefore lying to the press?

    This case is giving me a headache. This is starting to sound like an Al Franken debate.

  2. MerryJ1 says:

    Fitzgerald essentially indicted Libby for lying to the media.

    And, that makes sense. How in the world can the political hacks posing as US attorneys get the assistance they need from the media to destroy this President and his Administration, if their journalistic hatchet-men can’t rely on the veracity of the people they’re trying to destroy?

    Does anyone else recall one of the first official maneuvers undertaken by the then-new attorney general, Janet Reno? Give up?

    She requested the resignations of in-place US attorneys, replacing many if not most — certainly screening those heading up “hot” federal districts — with new, more friendly faces (read that, “DNC-friendly faces”).

  3. NewEnglandDevil says:

    I’m with Trent – Lying to journalists is not perjury or obstruction of justice. What’s the dealiyo?


  4. First Cup 05.05.06…


  5. AJStrata says:

    Trent and Ned,

    The problem with this case is there never should have been one. Fitzgerald is charged to go out and find out who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the media. He does that and decides to cover for him and protect the leaker’s identity. Knowing he has the culprit and has decided not to prosecute, he goes out to find someone who did NOT leak Plame’s identity to the press, but told the press he only heard the news from reporters and cannot confirm the information. For NOT leaking (or confirming) Libby is indicted.

    Not only is this a joke, it should be illegal and Fitzgerald needs to called on the mat for distorting his charge to go after someone incidental to the investigation.

  6. az redneck says:

    I think you are right. Libby was indicted for ‘kicking sand’ into Fitz’ eyes (in his quest to get someone higher up from Libby)!!!!