May 04 2006

Democrats Sink Into The Muck

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Democrats reflect the lowest common denominator of human worth, pride and honor.  The cannot help themselves it seems.  They will stoop to any low to win.  I don’t have time for links right now, but recall the tire slashing in the ’04 elections, the lies about the NSA and Iraq and Forgeries, and the calls for impeachment simply because they lost two Presidential elections.  When ex-Generals come out crying for surrender in Iraq as the democratically elected government there is forming (the stress is just too much I guess).
It seems anyone in the media and journalism will sell their souls to these mucking raking malcontents as well. So am I surprised when a Democrat ‘operative’ partners up with a ‘historian’ (i.e., partisan hack) to stab his former boss (now an election opposing candidate) in the back with crass rumors?  Sadly no.  Look at what gutter historian Brinkly did days before an election:

A new book about the Katrina catastrophe paints a portrait of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as a clueless, collapsing coward who hid out after the hurricane in a high-rise hotel – and had to be rousted out of Air Force One’s bathroom.

While Tulane University historian Douglas Brinkley is generous with his entertainingly unflattering descriptions, he reserves his greatest disdain for Nagin and largely praises Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who cooperated with the author.

Nagin brushed off the book, but told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans that no “credible” historian would publish such “a political hit” just days before the Big Easy’s May 20 mayoral runoff election. Several of the most damning anecdotes are sourced to an aide who is now running against Nagin.

These scum don’t even try to hide it!  I am no fan of Nagins, and if true these stories paint an important story – one that should have been out months ago.  Why is it Democrat Politics represents gutter politics?  When did Democrats decide to make Nixon look so darn good?

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  1. MerryJ1 says:

    Why would Nagin have been in Air Force One?