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May 25 2006

Finally, Progress On Immigration and Security

Is it going to satisfy everyone 100%?  Nope – not even me.  But it is an enormous step forward.  The Senate has passed a comprehensive package on immigration issues: The U.S. Senate approved an immigration bill Thursday that would toughen security at the Mexican border and grant many illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship. Under […]

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May 25 2006

Cheney Vs Fitz-Magoo

Want to know what the best political theatre will be next January? It will be when VP Dick Cheney is examined on the witness stand by Prosecutor Fitzgerald: Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald suggested Cheney would be a logical government witness because he could authenticate notes he jotted on a July 6, 2003, New York Times […]

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May 25 2006

Can The Economy Afford Democrats?

The economy is usually the best indicator for elections.  The Democrats are on the record demanding Bush’s economic policies be undone as soon as possible.  Are we sure we want them mucking around with our economy? The U.S. economy shot forward at an upwardly revised 5.3 percent annual rate in the first quarter, the fastest […]

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May 25 2006

The Adult Steps In…

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Seems somebody had to step in, stop all the whining and stomping of feet and tell the children to calm down and behave themselves: President Bush stepped into the Justice Department’s constitutional confrontation with Congress on Thursday and ordered that documents seized in an FBI raid on a congressman’s office be sealed for 45 days. […]

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May 25 2006

Fly By 05/25/05

Sorry for the light posting today, lots of meetings.  Hopefully more later. The Senate will hopefully vote in the broad immigration package today and people will agree progress is better than nothing and all the wailing. More here. There seems to be a lot of rehashing of old news by the media to try and […]

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