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May 10 2006

Kadima American Style

*** Update: the right has become KoSified: La Shawn Barber wants to Impeach Bush (told you so!) and Peggy Noonan wants Reps to let the Dems win this fall. Where are the serious conservatives? I really don’t see why we need to start over in 4-8 years because these people are impatient and a bit […]

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May 10 2006

The CIA’s Missed Opportunities

What is funny to see is the results of all the calls from Democrats and their liberal media buddies to follow the 9-11 commission recommendations and integrate our intelligence assets. I guess they thought that the integration would center around the failed CIA (which has a lot of good and heroic people in it, don’t […]

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May 10 2006

Demand For Hybrids Out Strips Supplies

I stated many months ago that the energy issues in the US tend to take care of themselves to a large degree, especially when it comes to sound, low mileage options in the market.  The hybrids are smart technology because they retain the power of a gas engine when needed but add the economy of […]

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May 10 2006

Pace Of Change Too Slow, So Give Up

Pierre Legrand at the Pink Flamingo is a really great person who did hero’s work during Katrina. I respect him a lot and was one of the first bloggers I got to know when I started this site almost a year ago. So I am saddened to see the mental state he is in regarding […]

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