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May 31 2006

The Imperial Congress

Tom Bevan at RCP adds salt to the self inflicted wounds: The average American can’t smack a police officer without getting arrested. He can’t smash his car into a stationary barrier at three in the morning, get out stumbling and slurring, and then get a ride home and a pat on the back from the […]

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May 31 2006

Edges Falling Off The Planet

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Seems left and right have decided to go beserk all at once.  Dr Sanity (can we have more Sanity Please!) notes a pungent tirade of denial from the leftwing (where terrorism is just marketing PR).  Some great excerpts: 1. “The Bush administration has exploited the fear and shock of a nation in the wake of […]

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May 31 2006


America is going to be facing a tough period on the Hadith incident in Iraq. There is always the possibility in war things get out of control. After years of being attacked and seeing the brutality of the Islamo-fascists good people can crack and make tragic decisions. The one thing I want to say at […]

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May 31 2006

Face Facts: 80%-20% Is Not A Winning Position

I feel like politics in this country has entered the twilight zone. People I respected for brilliant logic and insight and top notch debate have become emotional, simplistically surreal in their proposals. The level of the discussion has dropped way down into fevered accusations in some places and pure denial in others. I was going […]

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