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Jul 18 2008

Taliban Turn On Pakistani Government

There was a concern the new ruling parties in Pakistan might make allegiance with the Taliban.  But the Taliban have demanded the right to launch attacks outside of Pakistan if they promise to not attack inside Pakistan. That kind of appeasement was never going to be acceptable to the US or AFghanistan (or NATO or […]

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Jul 18 2008

Red Crescent Call To Action

Folks, we have a national disaster brewing over the 9-11 Flight 93 memorial. Years ago an uproar ensued over the plan to memorialize those who died on Flight 93, considered the first battle on the War on Terror which Americans won, under the Islamic symbol of the crescent.  I am not against Islam in general, […]

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Jul 18 2008

Group Representing 50,000 Scientists Says “Hold On” On Global Warming

Major Update Below! The science regarding the cause of the recent warming trend across the Globe (which in the past decade as actually been a cooling trend) has just become un-settled. I have posted on this matter many times (see here for all my posts on Global Warming) and note lots of data that conflicts […]

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