Jul 18 2008

Red Crescent Call To Action

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Folks, we have a national disaster brewing over the 9-11 Flight 93 memorial. Years ago an uproar ensued over the plan to memorialize those who died on Flight 93, considered the first battle on the War on Terror which Americans won, under the Islamic symbol of the crescent.  I am not against Islam in general, and I am not of the opinion that vast Muslim community is ready for war with the rest of the world. But Islamic extremists are responsible for 9-11 and many other attacks on the West before and after 9-11, so we must make sure that memorials to our fallen heroes in this war on terror represent American values.

When the uproar hit the US Park Service supposedly got the message and were to take actions to fix the problem. Instead they decided to try sneak through the original offending design. Next month there is going to be a meeting in Pennsylvania to get feedback on this rolling disaster.  It is incumbent upon everyone who has an issue with this travesty to get out there and make your voices known.

My previous posts on this matter can be seen here and here (most recent first).  In the above picture you can see the original, totally offensive design.  In the image below you can see how the old design is still there, with a few cosmetic changes. The right answer then, and now, is to dump this design and select from the 100’s of others submitted for the memorial. It is critically important that a 9-11 memorial to the first fighters against al-Qaeda be something most Americans can take pride in.  For too many, the current design fails this basic test.

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I am going to do what I can to get there, but at least I can help spread the call to arms to those who can go in my stead if I cannot make it. Please, if you can make it go and represent America. If you cannot then get the message out and send in a letter. It is time to take America’s memorial back from those who have decided to ignore the wishes of “We The People“.  Here’s the information I have on the upcoming important event:

If you are within weekend traveling distance, please consider joining Tom Burnett Sr. in Somerset PA on August 2nd. If you get there early enough for the Memorial Project’s public meeting (10AM-1PM) you can sign up to speak. We will rally in the afternoon on Saturday, and visit the crash-site Sunday.

More here at Atlas Shrugs.  This is important folks. Don’t let this memorial become something less than it should be. We won this battle, and it should be demonstrated as such in the memorial.

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