Jul 18 2008

Taliban Turn On Pakistani Government

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There was a concern the new ruling parties in Pakistan might make allegiance with the Taliban.  But the Taliban have demanded the right to launch attacks outside of Pakistan if they promise to not attack inside Pakistan. That kind of appeasement was never going to be acceptable to the US or AFghanistan (or NATO or the UN most likely). The end result is both sides feel cheated by the other’s inability to bow to their minimal requirements. That is apparently turning into serious opposition, which could push the Pak Government back into the same position Musharraf was – destroying the cancer inside its borders:

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has taken a U-turn on its policy to hold peace talks with the ANP-led NWFP government after it expressed mistrust in the Frontier House’s efforts to bring peace to the region.

The Taliban’s ultimatum to the provincial government to resign within five days or face the music and the provincial government’s abrupt rejoinder not to bow to them is being viewed an embarrassing development in the militancy-hit province which has jeopardized entire peace effort and accords. 

The local Taliban are said to have reached a conclusion that the ANP is playing a double game with them and is behind the operations being carried out in Hangu and Swat.

The statement issued by Baitullah Mehsud on Thursday accused the ANP of sabotaging the peace efforts, saying the provincial government talked about dialogue on one hand while it sought the federal government’s help to carry out military operations against the Taliban in Hangu and Swat on the other hand.

He threatened to target NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, the provincial information minister and Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik.

In light of the past threats of Mehsud, anything can happen anytime, anywhere after the deadline expires. There may be suicide bombings, explosions, target killings or attempt to make the provincial ministers hostage.

This is a good sign for the US and Afghanistan. If the folly of appeasement blows up in Pakistan, then there is more likelihood of Pakistan being forced by the obsessive violence of the Taliban to take action. And the people of Pakistan will begin to awaken to the reality these thugs are more a danger to them and their lives than America – which is the kind of realization that led to the Sunni Awakening in Iraq and al-Qaeda’s smashing defeat there.

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  1. kathie says:

    Just as we are massing on their border. I’m thinking that it couldn’t have happened at a better time.