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Jul 31 2008

Wow, Obama’s Iraq Position Opposed By 80% Of America

Obama’s world tour debacle keeps hitting his campaign with more and more body blows as America decides victory in Iraq is more important than ending the war in Iraq. Gallup has some stunning numbers out which show 80% of Americans are not lined up behind Obama’s stubbornly pessimistic view that the Surge was the wrong […]

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Jul 31 2008

Obama’s Poll Collapse Continues

Well, that was a short lived ‘bounce’ for Obama, he has now fallen back into a tie with McCain according to today’s Gallup Daily Tracking Poll (follow link for larger version): At this rate Obama should be well behind by the Democrat Convention in August.

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Jul 31 2008

It’s Official, July 2008 Most Secure Month In Iraq Since Invasion

Unless something dramatic happens in the next four hours, Iraq will have just passed a huge milestone relative to security. This month there have been 12 US deaths in Iraq, only 8 of which were due to hostile fire. This mark is very much worth celebrating and thanking all those in the US and Allied […]

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Jul 31 2008

Underground Railroad For Terrorists To Enter Europe?

I ran across this article which had my alarm bells ringing. It discusses illegal immigrants being smuggled into Turkey, where they were heading their way into the heart of Europe. The alarm bells sounded when I noticed where these immigrants hailed from. Take special note of the blind liberal/socialist bleeding heart headline: Voyage to hope […]

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Jul 31 2008

30% Of Republicans Plan To Vote For Obama!

OK – I lied, it ain’t happening. What would be the thinking across the country if 30% of Republicans or Conservatives planned to vote for Barrack Obama? It would be seen as the death knell for McCain. So what should we think about the current trend of mass defections of Democrats from Obama? New data […]

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Jul 31 2008

The Final Chapter For The War On Terror?

We have achieved a stunning victory in Iraq. al-Qaeda rushed reinforcements into that country to take out The Great Satan and establish their modern caliphate. Those Muslims who leaned towards the romantic vision of Jihad, as promoted by the Islamo Fascists, rushed to Iraq to share in the glory. Now they are dead and captured […]

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