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Jul 10 2008

Battle Brewing In Pakistan’s Tribal Areas

It seems both sides are gearing up for a Battle Royale in the lawless tribal regions of Pakistan which border Afghanistan and have been the launching pad for attacks into Afghanistan by the remnants of al-Qaeda and their Taliban cousins. First we see signs of al-Qaeda fighters fleeing Iraq and heading to the Pakistan tribal […]

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Jul 10 2008

Media Still Producing A Shoddy Product

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Update:  Reader Crosspatch notes Gateway Pundit has discovered these same images have been used since 2006!  Talk about being duped. – end update Want to kill a business? Produce a shoddy product. One would think that news organizations, who supposedly are fact-checking their product, would have a process to detect fake images. After Rathergate and […]

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Jul 10 2008

Just Nuts

All the focus on Jesse Jackson’s bitter feelings and comments about Barrack Obama, accidentally picked up on an open mic this weekend, is another useless distraction from the important issues this country faces. This is one of many side shows obsessed on by some conservatives which dilutes, and distracts from, other serious discussions to be […]

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