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Jul 21 2008

Scientists: Prepare For Three Decades Of Global Cooling

  One of my favorite new sites is Ice Cap, which publishes scientific reports and data that challenge the theories from the Church of Al Gore/IPCC – and in many cases destroy those theories. I noted a while ago some global warming proponents had come out and forecasted at least another decade of global cooling […]

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Jul 21 2008

Pakistan Government: 10,000 Terrorist Massed In Pakistan Tribal Areas

Things are definitely accelerating in the Pakistan Tribal Areas. Yesterday I posted on one report that 8,000 foreign fighters (aka al-Qaeda and friends) had retreated to Pakistan for what could be their last stand against the West. Today another article comes out with more details on a secret report from the ISI detailing the 10,000 […]

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Jul 21 2008

Liberal Media Trying To Manipulate National Elections

Drudge Report is claiming the NY Times is working as a surrogate for the Obama Campaign by censoring a rebuttal opinion piece by Sen John McCain, one week after they allowed Sen Barrack Obama to grace their tired pages: An editorial written by Republican presidential hopeful McCain has been rejected by the NEW YORK TIMES […]

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Jul 21 2008

Leading Pakistan Party Blames Pakistani Intelligence For Increased Militancy In Tribal Areas

One of the leading political parties in Pakistan has just accused the Pakistani Intelligence Service of fostering the deadly militants and foreign fighters in Pakistan: Peshawar, July 20: Accusing the secret agencies of creating law and order situation in the Federally Administered Tribal areas (Fata), Awami National Party has asked the federal government to rein […]

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Jul 21 2008

Leading Anti-War Democrat Admits He Was Wrong On Iraq

Lanny Davis is no GOP right winger, in fact he has been a voice of doubt on the Iraq War from the beginning. And yet, this died-in-the-wool liberal has had an epiphany on the Iraq War: Maybe another democracy, however imperfect, other than Israel in the Middle East could lead to more moderation, possibly other […]

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