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Jul 01 2008

McCain’s Enemies Left And Right

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Marc Ambinder and I agree that the far left and far right have gone too far in their attacks on McCain (which folds into my post below on how the fringes are ruining America).

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Jul 01 2008

Obama’s “Patriot” Speech Illustrates All His Faults

I am going to fisk Obama today – he has had it coming for a long time. I am going to challenge the empty suit’s soaring and vacuous rhetoric on “Patriotism” to demonstrate why fancy words woven together in a nice cadence are meaningless without purpose and value against our challenges. Obama’s speeches have sunken […]

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Jul 01 2008

America May Tune Out This Election

I am getting the feeling this country is at a breaking point with hyper-partisan dribble. I know I am. Not everyone is worked up to a fevered pitch, but those who are too many times run on a nasty combination of arrogance and ignorance. Needless to say they are also running low on respect and […]

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