Jul 10 2008

Media Still Producing A Shoddy Product

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Update:  Reader Crosspatch notes Gateway Pundit has discovered these same images have been used since 2006!  Talk about being duped. – end update

Want to kill a business? Produce a shoddy product. One would think that news organizations, who supposedly are fact-checking their product, would have a process to detect fake images. After Rathergate and a host of other charades have been hoisted on a gullible and lazy press, you would think they would be adding some quality control. Apparently not, at least not until someone calls them on their bogus news. And these people wonder why they are heading into bankruptcy?

BTW, it appears there are more than “one too many missiles” in the image below – they all look to be the same launch with rapid fire images superimposed onto a single fake image. Look at the latest version provided at the first link above:

If you look at the plume of the far left and far right images, the far right has a ring of brown smoke surrounding the white plume column.  So does the left one, but it looks to be the same plume and ring of smoke, just later in the ascent.  On the left side image the brown ring has stayed about the same level over the ground, but the white thrust column has been extended, showing it is farther in its ascent.  It may be nothing, but it looks to me like all these are snaps of one launch made into a montage.  But who cares – right? It is just for entertainment – not to reflect any concrete information.

Kudos to Charles Johnson for exposing another ‘fake but accurate’ news media fiction.

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12 Responses to “Media Still Producing A Shoddy Product”

  1. crosspatch says:

    But wait, there’s more!. Seems they have using the same photo since 2006.

  2. Frogg says:

    Evidently they are still producing “shoody news” too:

    ABC News Asks 60 Soldiers Who They’ll Vote for – Doesn’t Report the 54 For McCain [Reader Post]


  3. Terrye says:

    You gotta ask yourself, why would they do this? If they had all this technology, why pull a silly stunt like this?

  4. Dc says:

    Because they’ve been doing it for YEARS and getting away with it.

  5. crosspatch says:

    There was a pretty good reason. Oil had fallen over $10 a barrel in the days preceding this “announcement”. So Iran starts rattling the sabre to create supply jitters in trading markets (because prices are driven more by the psychology of individuals than by actual supply and demand) and prices went back up $2.

    It would not surprise me to learn that no such test took place at all. I haven’t heard anything out of the Defense Department confirming any missile tests, all I am hearing is Western media outlets parroting Iranian press releases.

  6. Redteam says:

    All the photos that are linked to as being from 2006 have 6 missiles, just different times. the one with only 5 in the air clearly shows the 6th, just hasn’t been launched yet. I have no idea how many missles were launched in 06, looks like either 2 or 3.
    I suspect there has been no launch this week.

  7. WWS says:

    LOL crosspatch, I love that updated photo!!!

    Oh, and btw, I know everyone rolls their eyes when people get technical about markets, but today’s oil action had nothing to do with the Iranians. Oil and gas just bounced off their lower boundary trend lines after a sharp but brief pullback. All the commodity market action is technical these days and has nothing to do with actual events, although foolish financial reporters desperate for a story keep trying to find events to “explain” things. Sorry to say this, but oil is definitely headed to $150 short term and probably $170 by the end of the year – no pullback in sight.

    Here’s a good chart with a 200 day moving average – oil would have to break below that ma for traders to consider the trend to have broken, and as you can see oil isn’t anywhere close to doing that.


    gotta go back to Sept 06 to see the last time the 200 day trend was punctured to the downside, and as you can see that produced 9 months of lower oil prices. The long term trend now is strongly up until that happens again.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    Did anyone notice that one of the missles in the up-dated photo is headed straight for the airplane? Only fools would deploy heliocopters overa missle sight but then we’re no talking about super intellects. But then they think they can win in a war with the US. Maybe Nancy told them she would do all she could to help them.

  9. BarbaraS says:

    Maybe those mushroom clouds around the missle sight is an omen they didn’t anticipate.

  10. WWS says:

    I… I… I can’t say it.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Drudge has a red banner up. Apparently the “missile test” was phony. NYT is to publish a report tomorrow. Apparently they were old missiles, the video provides wasn’t many missiles but video of the same launch shot from different angles … and the missiles fired could not reach Israel.

    It was all bogus. Probably designed more to jack up oil prices than anything else.