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Jun 19 2008

Another Smashing Success In Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki has executed another smashing success in Iraq has Iraqi forces have taken control of the Sadrist enclave of Amarah, the capitol city of Maysan Province.  The initial phase was a window for militants (mostly Mahdi Militia) to surrender there arms and join society.  Apparently that was very successful: Dozens of Shiite militiamen […]

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Jun 19 2008

Does Obama Have A Clue About Anything?

Obama is really the epitome of the empty-suit suite.  I sometimes think he is so vacuous you can here a sucking sound when you meet him in person. Even more disturbing is the fact that Obama (and his Obamabots) are so blissfully unaware of his state of utter emptiness.   Case in point this week […]

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