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Jun 12 2008

Obidiot Obama – Part II, Feeding They “Whitey” Rumor Mill

This morning I posted on the idiotic move by the Obama campaign to re-open the rumor about Michelle Obama raging against “Whitey” by posting some ‘truths’ about the ‘smear’ coming from Hillary supporter Larry Johnson.  In that post I noted all the Obamabots were doing was feeding the rumor mill by giving it credibility and […]

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Jun 12 2008

Obamabots Are Crude In Victory Against Hillary And Her Supporters

Boy, you read some of the crap being launched at Hillary and her supporters and you wonder are these people trying to win an election or prop up their insecure male egos?  Check out this victory lap for Obama: Like radio waves reaching earth from some cosmic calamity millennia ago, the yarbling of Hillary Clinton […]

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Jun 12 2008

US Not At Fault In Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Clash

The US released its UAV Predator images showing militants from Pakistan firing upon coalition forces (Afghan and maybe US) inside Afghanistan, which earned them some guided munitions in response.  It is important video and there is no Frontier Corps outpost in the video: Update: In some of these shots you can see what looks like […]

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Jun 12 2008

Obidiot Obama – Never Give A Rumor More Oxygen

I had put to rest the idea we would see a video of Michelle Obama ranting against whites since the mythical video was never produced to save Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  I have posted many times on the rumor while it swirled, condemning the whisper campaign and proposing the tape is not all that damning if […]

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Jun 12 2008

Obama’s Lies Finally Catch Up To Him

The silver-tongued little-devil finally got snared but good in his forked tongue (H/T Gateway Pundit): “I am a believer in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job. And, I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now before having served […]

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