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Jun 23 2008

Surrendercrats Surrender On FISA Bill

Boy, the spine sure has melted out of those Democrats! Was it really only just last week Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to fight the telecom amnesty element of the new FISA legislation that gave Bush everything he wanted and more to protect America from terrorist attack? When promoting how the House Dems caved on […]

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Jun 23 2008

NASA Scientist Lies About His Faulty Climate Predictions

NASA “Scientists”, media whore and alarmist Hansen is out again screaming “the sky is falling” because of Global Warming, and more importantly crowing about his prediction 20 years ago – which never came true! Here is Hansen discussing everything about the Church of Al Gore – except the fact the IPCC predictions from 18 years ago never […]

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Jun 23 2008

Liberal Media Targets “Grumpy Old Ladies”

The ugly side of the Democrat Party has been exposed in terrible clarity as it tries to deal with the nomination battle between Clinton and Obama.  I had no idea how cruel and uncaring the Democrats could be against their own base when it dares to not follow the party line.  I was simply stunned […]

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Jun 23 2008

News Media Shocked Public Not Buying Their Propaganda On Global Warming

The news media sometimes loses perspective when it gets so buried in its biased views it allows glimpses into how they try to use their position as the guardians of information flow to the masses to influence opinion. The most glaring example of this I have seen recently is this story from the UK on […]

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Jun 23 2008

News Organizations Conspire To Influence US Elections

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One thing the news media cannot do is conspire to help one party or one candidate win elected office over another candidate by tilting the news it provides America (and its paying customers).  One person’s bias can be seen as an anomaly, but orchestrated actions is a crime – whether coordinated with the party/candidate or […]

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