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Jun 17 2008

Sadr and His Sadrist Movement In Full Retreat, Part II

The defeat of Sadr, the Sadrist Movement and their thuggish Mahdi Militia continues apace today as massive numbers of gunmen turn themselves into authorities in Amarah, capitol city of Maysan Province along the Iranian border: Gunmen from different armed groups have begun to surrender to Iraqi government troops in the city of Amarah ahead of […]

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Jun 17 2008

Teaching A Lesson To The News Media – AP As The Sacrificial Lamb

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Bloggers, like me, are voicing their views and commentary on the news (and falsehoods, etc) of the day as is our right under the constitution.  When a corporation tries to tell me I cannot comment, criticize (and more often correct) their lousy product I lose all interest in being reasonable.  There are lines you do […]

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Jun 17 2008

Independents Moving To McCain – A Group Obama Cannot Lose

Major Update:  In the Year of The Democrat, Obama is not doing as well with Democrats as McCain is among Republicans: There is a remarkable consistency across all these polls, one that helps us draw certain boundaries around the electorate. There will always be variation, either random or events-driven, but the rough plot lines of […]

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Jun 17 2008

Things Are Heating Up In Afghanistan And Pakistan, Our Enemy’s Last Gasp?

It has long been my contention the last military battle of this War on Terror might happen in the lawless region of the tribal areas of Pakistan, from where Taliban and al-Qaeda militants are raiding the southern regions of Afghanistan.  The number of border incidents have been increasing, culminating in the battle which began in […]

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