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Jun 03 2008

Will The Michelle Obama Tape Surface Tomorrow?

My feeling all along has been the much hyped video tape of Michelle Obama with Mrs. Farrakhan is too weak to stand on its own, or it would be out by now (interesting how Larry Johnson somehow forgot to mention the Farrakhan connection to Barrack Obama was actually through the wives Obama and Farrakhan). H/T […]

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Jun 03 2008

Bin Laden And al-Qaeda Losing The Muslim Street

Things have become so bad for al-Qaeda’s support from the Muslim Street even Newsweek is reporting that, after 7 years of war with the West, the Muslim Street is turning against al-Qaeda:   Back in the mid-1990s, Osama bin Laden had a problem, and it was Islam. He wanted to say the Qur’an gave his followers license to […]

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Jun 03 2008

Here Comes The Michelle Tape – Right After The Last Primaries – Updated!

Update:  Sorry for the site problems – we are experiencing one heck of a Insta-launch today as we are getting links from all over the blogosphere.  Many thanks to all who linked here (too many to list)!  Hugh Hewitt confirmed the Beckel statements from FNC this morning, and mirrored my view this is not a GOP […]

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